My research interest is in cybersecurity. This includes (but are not limited to):

  • Security modelling and analysis of emerging computers and networks (cloud, IoT, SDN, CPS etc.)

  • Adaptive and intelligent security solutions (MTD, Deep Learning, Big Data etc.)

  • Humans in Cybersecurity (Cyber-human interactions and systems, cyber-aided human missions etc.)

Current Projects

Current active projects are outlined below.

  1. Moving Target Defense

  2. Rumour Detection/Generation

  3. Human-Machine Teaming

  4. Privacy-preserving Techniques and Applications

  5. Quantum Cyber Security

Interested people should get in contact with me to find out more details.

Available Projects

If you would like to join my Cybersecurity Research Group, please read the instructions outlined in "Prospective Students" section carefully. Below are some potential research topics for prospective students. But feel free to contact me to discuss the research scope, as well as other research areas not listed here.

Security Management

  1. Quantification of Security Assessment and Usability in Organisations

  2. Blockchain Applications in Security

  3. Security Modelling and Analysis for Emerging Networking Technologies

Network Security

  1. Secure and Reliable Edge and Fog Computing

  2. Adaptive Security for IoT

  3. Exploiting Moving Target Defense

  4. Smart Vehicle Security

Intelligent Security

  1. Trustworthiness of Machine Learning

  2. Machine Learning Techniques to Exploit Security Mechanisms

  3. Intelligent Security Solutions for Dynamic Networks

  4. Big Data for Security Analytics and Evaluation

  5. Attack Detection/Analysis/Defense using Machine Learning

Software Security

  1. Embedding Effective Security Practices in Software Engineering

  2. Security for Mobile Application Development

  3. Automated Software Security Verification

Security Education

  1. Pedagogical Approaches to Security Education

  2. Security Awareness and Training in Enterprises

  3. Educational Security Game Development

Cybersecurity and Law

  1. Enforcing Justice to Cybersecurity Criminals

  2. Cryptocurrency and Impact on Society

Other Related Areas

  1. Cybersecurity in Computer Vision

  2. Quantum Computing and Security

  3. Emerging Hacking Methods (AI, Voice, Recognition etc)


There are scholarship opportunities from the UWA, such as:

  • Australian Government International Research Training Program (RTP) (Domestic and International)

  • UWA China Scholarship (International, Chinese only)

  • Forrest Research Foundation PhD Scholarship (Domestic and International)

  • Endeavour Leadership Program (International)

For a full list of scholarships, please see >>here<<.